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Adult Training


Adults are essential to the smooth running of a Scout Group. There are leadership roles with the youth sections and administrative roles on the Executive committee. You can help with the sections as an Occasional Helper, become a Section Assistant or take on a full leadership role with the associated Wood Badge training. The training requirements are less for a SA but you can always upgrade later.
See... Occasional role comparisons , FAQs and Leadership roles


All registered adults need to satisfy both the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Scout Association checks for child protection.....(See the Rules)
Having chosen your role start by filling in an adult information form and nominate two referees.

Contact an approved leader (e.g. GSL, Chairman,Appointments Secretary,..) to add your details to the HQ Compass members system using the Add Adult Form online. (See the DBS document for identity documents)
HQ pass on your Compass information to 'Atlantic Data Systems' who manage the DBS checks. (This can take 3 or 4 days).
The Applicant and ID Checker then complete the Disclosure application on-line using the Atlantic Data database. (Note: NI number needed for this bit).
After (say 2 weeks) you should be cleared by the National Vetting Process


After the DBS check the District Appointments Sub-Committee Secretary will check that your references are OK and invite you to an Appointments meeting to discuss your future involvement with Scouting.Finally you must wait for confirmation from this committee before your appointment can start.


Registered OHs merely need to complete the DBS checks but are encouraged to complete a first aid qualification (Mod 10) and the on-line Safeguarding & Safety modules asap (See below).


Young Leaders (YL's) can utilise prior learning to ease the validation process. Your Training Adviser (TA) will advise/assist with this.


Sectional Assistants need 'Getting Started' modules M1 and M3 within 5 months and are encouraged to complete a first aid qualification (Mod 10) and the on-line Safeguarding & Safety modules asap (See below).


Wood Badge training comprises a variety of Modules to be completed and validated within 3 years. (See the overview of the Leaders Training Scheme) Modules can be completed by attending courses, small group or one to one learning, e-learning or DVD.
Your training adviser will validate each module by witnessing your skills gained - e.g. performing flag break, running a badge training activity.

Successful completion can gain you external recognition with Gateway Qualifications. The certificate is called Level 2 Certificate in Providing Voluntary Youth Services in The Scout Association (QCF). See factsheet on Open College Network (Eastern Region) Credits.
      .... the Matrix
      .... the Guide
      .... the GME Course and 'Wood Badge Cafe' Dates
      .... more Courses by Eventbrite
      .... Plan-B Courses by GMW Scouts!
      .... the Personal File
      .... and the Assessment Guide
      .... and an idea of the Personal Learning Plan. i.e. Module 2 - to be done after you've done Mod1 AND (Mod3 OR Mod4)

Typically there are 5 stages to the basic Wood Badge training...
  • Getting Started (Module 1 and 3 or 4 - validated within 5 months
  • Personalised Training Plan (M2) - validated within 5 months
  • Getting Going (M7, M11, M12, M14, M15) - validated within 1 year
  • Getting Out (M16,M17, M18, M19) - validated within 3 years
  • Getting On (M5, M6, M8, M9, M13, M36) - Validated within 3 years

    ...BUT - your adviser may recommend additional courses for your role e.g. Mod38 for residential experiences
    ...ALSO - you may want to complete activity training e.g. Climbing Wall workshop, Safe Kayaking, Mod36 Special Needs
    ...AND - All leaders need a First Response First Aid Certificate (Module 10) every 3 years and need to have completed the Safeguarding and Safety courses (every 5 years) before warrants can be issued or renewed.
    ...NOW - Click and apply!


    See the Introduction Video and then complete a GME/Eventbrite classroom course OR complete one of the recommended online alternatives in the comfort of your own home to gain a recognised certificate! Please print off a copy of any e-learning certificate and pass/email to the GSL to ensure that your training gets validated with the HQ database.
    See also the leaflets on Bullying and Internet Safety.
    Microsoft offer good advice on Internet Safety Training


    It is the responsibility of all those involved in Scouting to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, that all activities are conducted in a safe manner without risk to the health of the participants.Safety issues are discussed here and a link is available to the e-learning online safety course.
    The safety course is aimed at Exec members as well as Leaders and Managers.


  • DBS/CRB - every 5 years - the repeat form
  • Warrant - every 5 years or on role change (Leader Review to be completed
  • Safeguarding and Safety - every 5 years or on role change
  • First Aid - every 3 years


    This compulsory training is available as a series of on-line e-learning modules. See.. Essential Information for Executive Committee Members.


    To complete the online versions of the 'Getting Started' Modules 1 & 3 (don't forget to print your own certificate!) ....
    ... watch this video first
    ... read the FAQs
    ... then do the leaders' 'Essential Information' course
    ... and the 'Tools for the Role' course
    ... and then get a TA to agree validation exercises for you and to sign them off when completed.
    (See validation section - p32 onwards of the leaders' Personal File )