Thanks Badges

Thanks Badges are award to non-members who have contributed significantly to 3rd Hazel Grove Scout Group. The people who gain this award have gone out of their way to help the group. Some have donated tremendous amounts of time, others have donated valuable skills or resources, occasionally some recipients had no prior connection with the group at all, which makes their contribution even more valuable.

From everyone at 3rd Hazel Grove, Thanks!

1962 Richard Moreton, Mrs. C. Thomas
1964 Wilf Connor, Dennis Kirby, Eric Pownall
1965 Peter Hough
1966 Harry Grimshaw
1968 Eric Paulson
1969 Edna Percy, John Scarborough
1973 Jack Bestley, Peter Cheslett, Peter Broome
1974 Henry Hallworth
1976 Ken Elliot, Peter Rowell
1978 Mike Jackson
1979 Roger Money, Kath Money
1981 Barry Clarke
1983 Doris Corfield, Geoff Heald, Harry Lawrence, Roger Borthwick
1984 Jackie Jackson
1985 Dave Phillips
1986 Les Wells, Fielding Lord
1987 Keith Whitehead, Hilary Whitehead, Bob Grafton, John Feist, Richard Hopkinson
1988 Pat Ridgway, Dave Mulliner
1990 Pam Jordan
1991 Pam Wood, Judith Adshead, Bill Tudford, Sheila Chapman, Fred Maxey
1992 Jenny Beveridge
1994 Bob Pigeon
1995 Bob Pyett, Rhod Jones
1997 Quentin Blagg, Pam Hesketh, Gill Jones, Graeme Potts, Sandra Phillips, John Smith
1998 Beryl Bailey, Dottie Blagg, Jan Shaw
2002 Jean May Ferguson, Jenifer Hawley
2003 Mike Wells, Les Hawley
2004 Pete Wood, Mike Gregg, Caroline Gregg
2005 Willis Hallworth, Gill and Les Kay, John Corfield, Jacquie Lord
2008 Dorothy Hallworth, Barry Penfold
2010 Paula Bradbury, Nick Clarke, Janice Gibson, Paul Rowland
2013 Elise Mycock
2016 Chris Mycock, Matt Hill, Sarah Grimes
2017 Lyndsey Holland, Damian Holland