About Us - Building The Hut

3rd Hazel Grove Scout Group was set up in 1957. Below are various pictures of the hut in its many forms throughout the years. If you have any pictures or other info for this page email us using
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Concrete foundations for the hut were laid on 18th November 1962. Left to right: Eric Pownall (Group Council Secretary), ???, Chris Paulson, ??? (Back View), Peter Wood (Wearing Cap), Peter Pownall (foreground), Paul Gregory.

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The same day in November 1962. From Left: Dennis Kirby (Group Council Member and Clerk of Works), ???, ???, Peter Wood (Wearing Cap), From Right: Wilf Conner (Group Council Chairman and later Group President), Eric Pownall (Group Council Secretary).

Click to Enlarge Laying the foundations, still 18th November 1962.
Click to Enlarge Dennis Kirby (Far) and Eric Pownall (Near) continue to lay 3HG's foundations.
Click to Enlarge The final few yards of concrete are laid. 28 cubic yards (22 cubic meters) of concrete laid in under 4 hours. 30 people turned up to help that day!
Click to Enlarge Building work then ceased until 24th January 1963, when the building components arrived. This is Dennis Kirby on the roof, in early February 1963.
Click to Enlarge You can see the weather in February. During the Winter of 62/63 508 football matches were cancelled in the surounding area. Dennis Kirby (Roof), Eric Pownall (Ladder) and Ken Grimshaw (Inside) brave the weather, with help from Mr & Mrs Thomas' cups of tea.
Click to Enlarge This time Eric Pownall (Outside), Dennis Kirby (Left) and Ken Grimshaw (Ladder) brave the cold and tackle the roof.
Click to Enlarge Same photo as above, different angle.
Click to Enlarge Eric Pownall watches as Dennis Kirby climbs the ladder to add the last section of the roof.
Click to Enlarge Dennis Kirby checks his watch to see how long it had taken to fit the roof. Eric Pownall admires the finished roof from his ladder.
Click to Enlarge Peter Wood, (Now Group President) adds finishing touches to the shell of the hut in early February 1963. Another great effort from the parents and supporters, building the hut in a little over 2 weeks.
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