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Stream nr. Minehead

Thursday 6th August - Night Excercise

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Ready for the off!

Thursday night saw the Night navigation excercise, this was a voluntary activity for the over 13's
We drove up onto the top of Exmoor, and in the middle of nowhere with no visible reference points completed a emergency bearing following excercise.
Lining up on a bearing and using the walkers to set a straight line, this is a time consuming method of walking at the best of times, but with the uneven ground to contend with the first 500m stage took about 90 minutes.
This is in no way a reflection of the ability of those who took part, hitting within 50m of the target they aimed for after covering over 500m across dificult terrain.

Well done to everyone who took part, and thanks for the lack of whinging - DJ

After the intitial training stint we took a short cut back to the minibus and arrived back on site at around 1:30am ready for about 6 hours sleep before time to get up and start cooking breakfast.

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Back at the bus, notice the wet patches on the front of everyones trousers this is where the wet grass came upto.