Scouts Main Camp

Wednesday Morning - Training, Fires and Lemon Meringue

Are we sitting comfortably, if not get knotted!

The Pastry chefs start the Lemon Meringue Pies - Dough!

Knife and Axe Training

Swing Clunk Swing Clunk!

The new water slide kept the ants amused

Link auditions as a mud gladiator

Tunnel added to waterslide!

Oh No, Sorry It's an oven on a fire pit

The patrols altar fires get underway

It's just like lego, honest.

Ant swiming park extends to include more slides

The pastry chefs complete the bases.

Have you checked for hedghogs?

Yes. checked its in the oven OK

Legionaires join us!

Sous chefs arrive to make the pie filling

'So we put this in here?'

'Hope so it's what were doing!'

Yep, that's right

Wood Fag for the lazy!

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