Scouts Main Camp

Thursday - Iron Bridge, Quad Biking and Over 13's Night Excercise

Ironbridge in all it's splendor

The Leaders soak up the sun

Next it's on to the quad bike centre

We are all fitted out with safety helmets

First sight of the bikes

"Press here to go faster, pull these to stop"

"Can we go yet?"

More safety instuction

And more!

And were off, 3 Groups sorted by age, Young Lads, Older Lads and The child at heart (and probably more dangerous) leaders

Brum Brum

Be Berr Berr Berr Berr.

Chug Chug

Brum, Chug, Brum


Follow the leader


Run out

of caption


Goodness, Their multiplying

Watch out for the sheep

More Quads

And More

And still more, 20% of the cost of the camp, for 0.05% of the time spent on the camp
but well worth it!

Especially for Gill! - As requested!

The Over 13's ready for their night exercise

And being dropped off by the bus
At the time of writing this they are still out walking! (23:00)

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