Scouts Main Camp

Sunday Morning - Breakfast, Pits and Firewood

Washing up after breakfast, yes they do know how!

Breakfast in the making

Weetabix, at least I can't burn these

The leaders fed and watered waiting for the lads to catch up

First Patrol Ready for inspection sir

"If it's not done properly it will leak." said the fussy GSL

Anyone know why Rick needs a lamp at 9am

After Flagbreak

Final clear-ups

Inspection points are announced

Winning patrol of the day - Patrol3

Digging the wet pits for draining washing up water etc

Digging the sewage pit for, well obvious really

Charlie helps with the chopping

Buildwas Abbey, right next to the site

The Abbey from the other side

A Slightly enlarged river Severn

Charlie chopped it, now to sort it

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