Scouts Main Camp

Friday - Town Visit, start dismantling the campsite and a campfire

The Over 13's arrive back from the night exercise, you can't see spider he is crawling along the floor!

Link relaxes, another for you Gill!

Shrewsbury Castle on the town trip

The castle itself

The campsite, dining shelters and Pl's tents have gone

Wolves outside their one remaining tent

DJ serves his camp made Cheesecake

Cheese, in a cake, it will never take off!

Campfire's burning...

DJ appears to be a string puppet, so whats the difference I hear you say

Wolves perform a stunt

Head Shoulders Cheese on toast

The leaders bring back an old stunt

And persuade a scout he is taking a parachute practice jump from shoulder height blindfolded, as you can see he never left the floor

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